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Flamenco Starlight

August 26, 2022

in the heart of the Dehesa del Valle de Los Pedroches,

with the most authentic flamenco atmosphere.

Live, Feel and Enjoy the Pleasures of Music,

to the Sound of the Stars

From our holm oak grove, in a Dehesa unique in the world, you can see one of the most luxurious night skies in the world, in the 21st century.

Thanks to the careful conservation of this traditional environment, it has been awarded Starlight Certification.

The dehesa of Los Pedroches allows us to observe the blanket of stars as if we were in the middle of the Pacific or on the summit of Everest. Local astronomers will delight those attending, including access to telescope viewing.

What the experience includes

Flamenco Show

Intimate, with luxury local artists. By the light of the stars

Gastronomic Tasting

of an exquisite selection of local Iberian products.


Natural and telescopic. 2 hours of night observation.

What the Event will be like

Maximum 25 people

From 10 p.m. to approximately 1 a.m.

Special Offer: 65€ 40 € per person

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Enjoy this stellar show, intimate and exclusive

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