Who we are

A team led by Pilar

I am Pilar Fernández, I like music and particularly Flamenco.

I have always participated as an amateur from the audience, watching and listening to different performances in flamenco festivals and flamenco peñas.

I have also had the experience of being closer to the flamenco artists by being active as a director of a flamenco peña.

Nowadays I have decided to make flamenco art a way of life and to share the emotions and feelings that are expressed through singing, guitar playing and dancing.

I am at your disposal to bring flamenco art closer to your cultural, festive, touristic, etc. needs, with shows, performances, training workshops...

Feel the Flamenco Live!

Photography: Marcos Perea

A team with a lot of art

This project has its origins in the capital of the Valle de los Pedroches, in the north of the province of Cordoba. We have years of experience managing cultural and educational events related to this art that characterises us as Andalusians.

Great artists accompany us in the different aspects of flamenco through singing, guitar playing and dancing. We also have professional lighting and sound technicians, stage set-up and props and staging staff, so that everything goes perfectly.

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