Argot Flamenco: Event Production and Artist Representation

About Argot Flamenco

ARGOT FLAMENCO, SL is a company whose purpose is the mediation between professionals in the artistic sector, as well as the direct exploitation of shows, organisation and celebration of musical performances, equipment rental, stage assembly, organisation of festive events, congresses, festivals and artistic shows in general.

Flamenco is an artistic expression resulting from the fusion of vocal music, the art of dance and musical accompaniment, respectively called: cante, baile and toque.

Flamenco expresses a whole range of feelings and moods - sorrow, joy, tragedy, joy and fear - through sincere and expressive words, characterised by their conciseness and simplicity.

Flamenco is the culture that identifies us inside and outside our borders. It is present in our public and private festivals. It is a cultural industry, an economic engine, an object of study and a tourist attraction. It is present, past and future, tradition and avant-garde and one of the richest and most complex cultural manifestations in the world.

For all these reasons, UNESCO granted it its highest recognition on 16th November 2010, considering FLAMENCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In this way, flamenco now has the backing of the largest cultural institution that ensures the maintenance of culture and traditional values.
culture and traditional values.

Photography: Marcos Perea


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